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So the goal of this project was to infiltrate the mainstream media with images of everyday women with whom a majority could relate to. I am pleased to announce that my goal is becoming a reality.

Images selected from In Real Life will be exhibited at a group show projected onto Times Square, New York this month. On Monday June 18th, thousands of artists (including me) will be featured  at the Art Takes Times Square billboard premiere.  Located on Broadway between 43rd and 44th street, images will be shown on the giant 9 ft x 12 ft LED screens from 7.30pm to 10.00pm. Please click here for more information.

Unfortunately I’ll be unable to attend, but if I have any followers in NY I’ll hope you’ll keep an eye out for me!

Thanks to everyone so far who has supported my project!


I just read this response to one of my survey questions:

Question 10. Do you feel your body type is represented in the media? Please give as detailed an answer as possible.

Yes, or at least almost. I am naturally skinny, and you see a lot of skinny women in the media. However, I am quickly approaching that age when women become invisible, between young and old. We don’t see a lot of middle-aged women in media unless they still look young and well-toned. We don’t see a lot of naturally aged bodies… I’m 35, I’ve been through two pregnancies and I still look good, but my body has way more flaws (stretch marks, beginning wrinkles, a lightly rounded tummy and so on) than what you normally see.

 Thanks to everyone who has completed my survey so far.

Just made a short video to introduce my project to IndieGoGo in the hope to raise some funding! Check out the video here!